Aki Backman

Doing something relatively simple, like taking a photograph, very good.

I spent years vain a unique photography style, but becoming a photographer is not something I planned. At least not until recently, when I noticed looking at the word with the photographer’s eyes and from time to time trying to capture the uniqueness and the beauty of the encountered event with a camera.

Thank you for Serge Ramelli teaching how to edit photographs, David duChemin inspiring books, Thorsten von Overgaard giving a positive attitude, and Peter Lik setting the bar.

Awards & Honors

The Worldwide Photography Gala Awards, Pollux Awards 2021

Snow Horse – Honorable Mention
Closed Covid 19 – Honorable Mention
Relax – Honorable Mention

Black Box Gallery, Taking Pictures: 2021

Helsinki – Acceptance

I Shot IT, Landscape Photo Competition 2021 No 1

A road less traveled – Mark of Excellence